Outsourcing / Optimizing your Sales and Marketing Processes

Sales and Marketing Process

Business processes that are well established in a company may be replicated in other regions as long as people who implemented them have the right knowledge to address the realities found in international markets. These market differences, that companies encounter at the country level, are in areas such as market research, marketing communications, distribution channels, talent training, contract enforcement, customer acquisition, and account retention.

LinkIT LATAM designed a group of services at the operational level aimed to solve some of the common problems companies faced when bringing their key sales and marketing processes to different countries in the LATAM market:

Outsourcing Services:

  • Sales and Marketing
    A Sales Outsource engagement will allow a client to  limit its cost and exposure without delaying taking advantage of the opportunities in LATAM. LinkIT deep sales and marketing expertise can off-load the client's field activities and brings the focus and expertise needed to have a strong beachhead plan implementation or an effective  sales and marketing execution. The sales outsource engagement also  provides the vehicle for the client to set-up operations in one or more countries in the region. Sales Outsource last 180 days for a beachhead implementation and a minimum of 1 year thereafter.


Operational Engagements:

      • Leads Management
        Many leads fall in the cracks of barrier languages, poor customer understanding, and unqualified third parties without the time/resources to react and efficiently attend a sales call.
        Ensuring proper communication, and needs understating with the prospect, LinkIT LATAM will help to facilitate the technical evaluation process, and usually engage a partner capable to deliver the solution (From the technical and business stand point) to ensure every lead complete the defined sales cycle monitored and with the best possible qualifications along the way.


      • Channel Recruitment & Management
        The majority of IT vendors we have spoken to have entered into the Latin America market with a local IT reseller -from any given country- that has approached them with a sales opportunity they claimed has been developed for a while. With the possibility of a new business, the IT Vendor is prone to start a new relationship -frequently with extended benefits-, and even usually claim that has business in LATAM., The reality hits later, when they opening a “piñata” full of surprises.
        Different countries, different laws, different taxation systems, different government acquisition processes and requirements, different payment terms, and what is most difficult to understand, different business expectations from the region. The described situation, presents a group of variables that need to be assessed and addressed before defining your indirect sales strategy. Defining the right channel profile -according to the market offering-, recruit it, enable it, and manage its sales force is a key component of an IT vendor success the region. LinkIT LATAM has the market knowledge, the relationships, and the structure to help our customers to build this important piece in its strategy.


      • Marketing Plans/Activities execution
        Link It strategyWe understand the opportunity costs and the efforts a mid-size IT vendor makes to positioning its brand in new markets. Having access to the list of events that make sense for the company to attend, or simply obtain access to a reliable data base that put their technology in front of the right targets is very important when you just cannot miss. Additionally, having your events or activities well linked with the channel, and following up immediately and effectively your opportunities is what ultimately will provide return to your investment. Therefore, LinkIT LASTAM’s assistance on marketing event or activities will provide a higher degree of certainty to achieve the expected results.


    • End user and channel training
      In addition of content, training is all about resources and logistics. LinkIT LATAM provides the local knowledge, relationships, and resources to address our customer’s needs in terms of knowledge transfer into a given market in the region. It is frequent to find vendors struggling to provide the training to end users and channel partners, to either delivering a project, or to increase the capabilities of its sales force. LinkIT LATAM can help proposing, assessing, and executing training initiatives in the region.